First Post!

1 minute read

Hello! If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that I don’t have to introduce myself, but I’m going to do that anyway just to get done with the formalities. I’m Marc Ignacio, just some random guy in the interwebz. This is my first blog post and I really haven’t thought through how this will look like. But I wanted to start now and prevent myself from procrastinating any further. In fact, this first blog is highly driven by a bet I created for myself… that’s due tonight. Haha

As of writing, I haven’t established the overall theme for this blog, but there is a reason why I wanted to create one. Some blog for a living. Some blog because they want to keep their peers updated — the virtual diary of sorts before social networks came in. As for me, my primary motivator is self-improvement.

As the current tagline of this blog says, I want to get “better every day.” To hasten that process, I will publish parts of my life that I want to improve. With that, I hope that I can change myself for the better faster through public accountability.

We grow by default but not everyone grows up — If there is one sentence in this post that I want you to remember, this is it. We can consider ourselves a mess in one way or another but there’s no reason to keep it that way. Don’t expect that we will naturally grow as adults over time. It’s an obligation to ourselves to be better.

At the very least, I want you, my friends, to be updated on what I’m currently up to without having to wait for another “catching up” session. Through this blog, I hope that you guys can give me some quick feedback, positive or not. I hope that you guys can learn from my experiences as much as I have learned from you.

Here’s for a better me in the years to come. :)